MOWA – Wound Care Solution 1.6


It is a new solution for pressure ulcer treatment.

Mowa is a mobile software suitable for pressure ulcer treatment.

Its purpose is to provide nurses and doctors with a pocket, accessible and easy instrument able to evaluate, treat and observe lesions and pressure ulcers.

Mowa can facilitate the treatment of pressure ulcer lesions.

With Mowa it is possible to:

-> Analyze pressure ulcers starting from stage II on (according to EPUAP – NPUAP classification);

-> Take a picture of the pressure ulcer or import a JPG image from a gallery;

-> Analyze the three tissues of a pressure ulcer and calculate their percentage:

• Necrotic tissue (black)
• Fibrinous tissue (yellow)
• Granulation tissue (red)

-> Measure pressure ulcer area in cm² from a minimum of 2 mm to a maximum 300 mm;

-> Determine other features like the exudate amount, the presence of infection, of haemorrhage, and the depth of the lesions;

-> Prescribe a medical treatment in compliance with LG EPUAP – NPUAP (first- and second-line medication);

-> Prescribe the frequence of the medical treatment;

-> Print a summary pdf file with all the information about the exam and the pressure ulcer images;

-> Keep stored jpg and pdf files on sdcard in the MOWA folder.

-> Share results with other MOWA users sending them jpg and pdf read-only files;

-> Formulate healing hypothesis analyzing two or more MOWA investigations carried out in different moments;

MOWA has already analyzed different kinds of pressure ulcers from Stage II on (EPUAP – NPUAP) in different parts of the human body, employing camera and web images. It has been used to evaluate necrotic, fibrinous, granulating and mixed tissues, infected, hemorrhagic and deep ulcers, with different amounts of exudate and eschars.

With MOWA, a pressure ulcer takes a different aspect and color. It is more "pleasant" for human eyes.

Doctor activities are reduced to the bare minimum. He has to:

• calculate the size of the lesion with a tape measure;
• determine the amount of exudate (null, poor, moderate or high), the presence of infection or haemorrage, and its depth.
• medicate

With MOWA, a new age of pocket "bedside" evaluation devices is near to begin! MOWA will turn a smartphone or a tablet PC into a medical device.

During the analysis, it is not required to connect to the Internet.

Adobe Acrobat Reader required

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